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released July 9, 2010

Everything done by Christian Holmlund except:
Album cover and guest guitar solo on the track Angst by Ricky Lindén.



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Circlevicious Finland

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Track Name: Angst
Hello, irony, my friend
What's today's wise words?
Your comfort's hollow
Now will you tell me that it's gonna be allright?
Like day turns into night?
I'll prove you wrong

Dreaming myself to death
Blinded by feelings I've made up
Grinding anxiety
Is making me feel like I'm choking

Ira quod despero my lovely gift from you
My hour is dark as always, sir
Now shove that dirt out of your pot
Your shit out of your slot
And walk away

Dreaming myself to death
Blinded by feelings I've made up
Grinding anxiety
Is making me feel like I'm choking
Track Name: Empty You
Is something inside there?
It's hard to tell
A pool of surprises
Inside that shell

What is it you're hiding?
Inside your mind
Reveal what you're thinking
Release, unwind

Empty You

Sometimes I don't understand what's wrong with you
You claim that you're right, that you know what to do
Yet, nothing won't come out, it's out of your might
I'm tired of waiting, get out of my sight

Your ways
Are false
Empty You
Track Name: Neverending
What's to be written on this sheet?
A question I ask myself
Why do I keep on trying to fill the blanks
When I know all I'll get is to suffer

I can't take this anymore
This mess inside

I'm getting better day by day
On how to swallow the guilt and the shame
Yet it feels as I'm dying every morning
When I wake up to the pain

I won't take this anymore
This desperation

I anguish for nothing
Resentment devours me

Been asking myself for too long
Am I meant to be alone?
Yet I don't see no other way
Than being hollow to the bone

This neverending pain
Is stuck inside my heart
Why won't it go away?
It's tearing me apart

I tend to lure my mind in hopes
But I have learned that there's no need
As fast as one wound fades away
Another hole is dug in me

This neverending pain
Is stuck inside my head
I know that it will stay
Until what's left of me is dead
Track Name: Ira Quod Despero
My head hurts of all your nonsense that comes out of you
Please believe me, it's apparent, you are insignificant

If this seizure will not expire
I will destroy it on my own

I've had enough of the talk about patience and tolerance
I will only do what I want my voices to make me do

If this madness will not expire
I will embrace it on my own

Despair will fill me
In my signs of anger
And I won't give over
To what you encourage
I will not abandon
what I feel is my way
So engorge my anger
And despair....

Are you happy now?
Track Name: My Very Own Trap
By a transparent feeling
By a lure so appealing
Lets me down

Are concealing the true me
My mind into believing
My own self

The path I made before me
Into holes I dug to break down
All my hopes

In that hole screaming for help
For someone to lift me up
There's no sound.